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Why do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me Apply for Disability in the US?

If you are trying to apply for Disability Benefits in the US and you are searching for information in order to make this process smooth, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will explain why, although a lawyer isn’t mandatory to help you apply for disability benefits in the US, they will help you every step of the way.

The Benefits of Working with a Lawyer for Disability Benefits

When applying for disability benefits in the US, the Social Security Administration, the entity that regulates and issues Disability Benefits, does not list the presence of a lawyer as compulsory for the process. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be hired so as to make the process easier and assist you in every step. Disability benefits applicants often find the experience stressful and have many questions, which can be easily solved by an attorney.

While disability benefit lawyers can begin to assist you at any stage of an application, an applicant who has had their application denied will find that it is far more difficult to win an appeal without the assistance and knowledge of a lawyer. For this reason, we, at Casa de la Justicia, are here to guide you and assist you in everything that you need so that your application is adjusted and presented so as to receive the benefits that your case needs.

Hiring a lawyer as soon as you decide to begin your application for disability benefits is of high importance as these professionals have already helped many disability applications before, and understand and have studied the criteria established by the SSA to determine whether an application should be approved.

Why Are Applications Denied by the SSA?

When applying for disability benefits, you may ask yourself why there are cases in which the application is denied by the SSA. Many applications are denied because there is not sufficient evidence to support the applicant’s claim that they have a disability that prevents them from working.

Well, this doesn’t have to be the case for you. The disability lawyer can help by examining what documentation you have available before the application is filed with the SSA. The professional will inform you about the likelihood that the application has a good chance of acceptance or not.

In terms of hiring the lawyer, there should be no financial constraint on hiring a disability lawyer as their legal fees cannot be charged in advance. They are only a small percentage of your first check, and they are paid to the attorney directly by the SSA, only after an application has finally been approved.

If your claim has already been denied and you don’t have an attorney, it is important that you hire one to assist you throughout the appeals process.

Social Security Disability Lawyer

Hiring a social security attorney prior to submitting your application will increase your chances of approval and help you avoid the appeals process. A disability attorney will be familiar with the Social Security review process and the rules that govern eligibility.

This is where Casa de la Justicia can help you. We specialize in cases just like yours and we will guide you and assist you so that you receive the benefits that your case requires. Our professionals are experienced in this field and will provide you with everything that you need to move forward with your application.

An experienced Social Security attorney can be the solution you need in the SSDI process. Contacting a lawyer might help you to determine the next steps in your disability case. We, at Casa de la Justicia, take a client-centered approach, prioritizing your needs and concerns throughout the process.

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